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  • Ska'Moog Flag Football Event

    Indoor - Pocono Dome, PA

    Pocono Indoor Dome - PA

  • Ska'Moog Flag Football Event

    Indoor - Mt. Olive

    Mt. Olive Indoor Bubble, NJ

  • Ska'Moog Flag Football Event

    Indoor - Sports Underdome, NY

    Sports Underdome, Mt. Vernon, NY


What is Ska'moog?

Ska'moog(verb) = " To Compete "

Ska’moog is the ultimate flag football competition. With stat-tracking, team power rankings, free event photos, a dynamic Ska’moog combine (including the $1,000 QB Accuracy Challenge), and a climatic invite-only Tournament of Champions for the Coveted Black Jerseys & CASH PRIZES, Ska’moog is the New Age of Flag Football.

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